Creating opportunities for Africans in the Global Digital Economy

StartZone is an Innovation Company with the Strategic intent of Orchestrating and Accelerating Digital Transformation and success in Africa leveraging its capabilities and that of its Digital Ecosystem partners all over the world.

At StartZone, we believe in Africa and its infinite potential. We know that Africa has the wherewithal to be as competitive as any continent on earth and we intend to be at the forefront of creating opportunities for Africa and Africans.

Solving the continent’s biggest challenges

Through dedicated programmes, projects, events, initiatives, infrastructure, competence and strategic collaborations, we are supercharging the digital transformation of Africa.

We are focused on solving the continent’s biggest challenges by building, facilitating and nurturing an ecosystem of Public/Social Enterprises, Corporations/Businesses, Investors, Start-ups, Innovation Hubs, etc.

Digital Innovation

Start-up Acceleration

CoWorking Spaces

Digital Workforce Development

Digital Ventures/Commerce

Digital Education

Digital Conferences and Events